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5 Tips for Creating a Great Home Office

April 11, 2022

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happy man working in his home office

Since the coronavirus outbreak, nearly 60 percent of the workforce has shifted to working from home part or full time. Are you one of them? Although home offices obviously existed before the pandemic, they have become even more important as many American employees have now come to prefer working from home.

When this trend began, many employers worried about drops in productivity, but the workforce has shown that getting the job done remotely is possible. However, your environment can have an impact on your performance as well as your satisfaction with your job. Here are five tips for creating a better home office.

View Natural Light

If you can, put your in-home office in a room that has a good view. Looking away from the screen or your desk every now and then is healthy and can help with productivity, so give yourself something to look at!

At minimum, you should try to find an area of your home that has plenty of natural light. A window-less closet is not exactly a welcoming, warm, and sustainable workplace. If you must work in a darker room, you can choose light fixtures that are easy on your eyes but help you see everything clearly.

Get an Ergonomically Friendly Setup

Spending eight or more hours a day working in the same area and position can be taxing on anyone’s body. It may be worth investing in a high quality, supportive chair or an adjustable desk to prevent aches and pains in your back as well as repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Make Your Office Beautiful and Functional

Although the two may seem exclusive, you don’t necessarily have to choose between having a functional or beautiful office. So many furniture, storage, and décor pieces are both! Arrange the room and take advantage of the space in a way that can help you perform your job as smoothly as possible.

Love the Paint Color

In the office, you likely had little say in what interior paint colors were used on the wall. At home, it’s your choice! If you will spend the majority of your day in your home office, you might as well like the color around you. Choose a favorite paint color that helps you feel comfortable and calm so you can more easily manage any stressful work situations.

Implement Homey Touches

Although you still need to get work done, your home office can be a little more laid back. You can have more personalized, homey touches. From a decorative waste basket to a fun mug as your pencil up, these little accessories can give you more ownership of your space and work.

It seems that working from home, at least part of the time, will become normal moving forward. You need to set yourself up for success by having a space where you can feel productive and creative. Follow these tips, and you may even look forward to going to work!

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