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The RIGHT Way to Paint Brick Exteriors

July 5, 2021

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house that used the right way of painting brick

One evening as you’re walking your dog, you notice just how drab your brick house looks. The earthy tones make it blend in with the landscaping and with all the other houses on the block. You decide then and there that you want to paint the brick and give your home a more modern look. But there’s a particular way you need to approach painting brick. Here’s how you make sure that it’s done correctly.

Hire an Experienced, Professional Team

Before you do anything else, you should definitely find a residential painting company that can handle the project for you. Painting a bedroom is one thing, but painting your home’s exterior brick is another! This project may be too large for you to take on, especially if you’re only working on it on the weekends. On your own, you’re in for an intensive, long process, but with a professional team, you can let them take over the stress and highly detailed work that painting brick entails.

Do It the Right Way

If you are going to do brick painting by yourself, you at least need to follow these steps for it to be successful.

Power Wash the Brick

Prior to painting, there are several preliminary steps you need to take to ensure that the paint will adhere properly. First, you need to power wash the brick. This removes dirt and grime and clears out the little pores in the brick. With a clean surface to work with, the paint is more likely to stay intact and not chip away or bubble up later on.

Fix Cracks or Holes

As your home has endured the elements, the brick or mortar may have suffered a little bit of damage here and there. Take the time to identify and fill cracks or holes so that moisture can’t access the interior of your house or compromise the paint job.

Use Masonry Primer

Did you know that there is a specific primer just for masonry? This product is absolutely necessary if you want your brick painting to last a long time. After the primer has been applied, you’re ready to finally start painting.

Paint Multiple Coats

With some surfaces, you can roll paint onto the surface in one pass, but brickwork is porous and requires multiple coats. In fact, it can be helpful to approach the same area from different angles just to make sure that every little space is evenly coated. If possible, you can also consider using a sprayer to paint the brick instead of a roller.

Ultimately, a well-executed paint job on brick can help your home stand out in the best way. Teaming up with seasoned professional painters gives you peace of mind that every step will be followed exactly and that you’ll love the results every time you go on a walk.

About Platinum Painting of Plano

Platinum Painting opened for business in 2008 and has been serving the DFW Metroplex ever since. Many of our team members have been with us from the beginning and have experience painting all kinds of surfaces, including brick. We also use the industry’s best equipment and quality materials to ensure a perfect finish. If you are interested in painting your brick exterior, you can schedule a free in-person estimate by contacting our customer care team through our website.

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